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Annie Cherry with The Squidling Bros.

The Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow returns to the record bar, one night only with local burlesque entertainment!

$10 admission

The sword swallower and the pain proof man. Beautiful and strange women defying physics with fire, dancing in the air.

Natural Born Freaks with hollow bones and rubber skin. The world record holding tattooed strong man.

The Squidling Bros. are a collective of performers from around the world. Founded in Philadelphia by real live brothers Jelly Boy The Clown and Matterz Squidling. The Squidlings hit the road 5 years ago touring consistently throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. This year The Squidling Bros. are accompanied by Titano Oddfellow, Velvet Crayon, Fibi Jane, Rush Hicks and Madeleine Belle. They have appeared on Oddities San Francisco on the Sciene Channel and Freakshow on AMC.


Annie Cherry
Ivanna Rockafella
Scarlot Harlot

Jellyboy TheClown
Madeleine Belle
Fibi Jane Changes
Titano Oddfellow
Rush Hicks
Velvet Crayon
and Matterz Squidling

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