Annie Cherry is currently co-producing the following ongoing shows.

Bohemian cult revival presents:

Burlesque on the Rocks


High Spirits Cabaret

for more information please go to Bohemian Cult Revival.


The Nightcap with Arty Vulgaris and Annie Cherry 

The Nightcap is a campy, irreverent take on the classic late night talk show. The one and only Arty Vulgaris has been a superstar recording artist, lounge lizard, lover to many, and father to few (allegedly). His producer Annie Cherry always has her hands full! You'll see world class performances by, and interviews with, actors, musicians, variety and sideshow entertainers, comedians, and other talented and engaging persons. Live music, great conversation, comedy, burlesque, and more, on The Nightcap with Arty Vulgaris and Annie Cherry. Click on the logo to see early episodes right now.